Christmas Eve Menu


The menu on Budni vecher is rich but it consists only of vegetarian meals. Their number should be odd and they should not be less than seven.

  • Homemade bread (Pitka or Pita) - It is a bread made without eggs. In the Pitka dough, a coin is put and sometimes cornel-tree stick. If your piece contains the coin you will be rich during the next year, if a cornel-tree - you will be healthy. The first piece has to be wrapped in white cloth and left for the God's Mother.
  • Bean soup, or any other vegetables as peas or lentils.
  • Honey - so that next year the life will be sweet.
  • Nuts - by the quality of walnuts you can see what your next year health will be.
  • Stuffed peppers or grape leaves with either beans or rise.
  • Fruits - usually oranges, mandarines, bananas.
  • Boiled wheat with walnuts and sugar.
  • Tikvenik (pumpkin pie). There might be also another kind of banitsa on the table, which is with onions. In one of those banitsas, there might be small pieces of paper with wishes for the new year.
  • Oshav - this is a drink made by boiling dried plums and other dried fruits.

Another thing that has to be prepared for Christmas is some small pretzels called kolache. They are needed for the Koledars.